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GENUINE BOSCH Washing Machine Drum Bearing & Seal Kit 086309

Buy GENUINE BOSCH Washing Machine Drum Bearing & Seal Kit 086309

GENUINE BOSCH Washing Machine Drum Bearing & Seal Kit 086309

GENUINE BOSCH Washing Machine Drum Bearing & Seal Kit 086309 Product Description :
Please email us with your model number, and any serial numbers, to confirm this part will fit your appliance.
Suitable for the following Bosch models- WET2820GB/01; WET2820GB/11; WET2820GB/12; WET2820GB/13; WFE2020GB/01; WFE2020GB/11; WFE2020GB/12; WFE2021GB/01; WFE7300/01; WFE7300/06; WFE8300/01; WFE8300/06; WFE8310/08; WFE8310/09; WFE8510/01; WFE8510/06; WFE8510/08; WFE8510/09; WFE8700/01; WFE8700/09; WFE9310/09; WFG2820GB/01; WFK2200GB/01; WFK2200GB/11; WFK2200GB/12; WFK2280GB/01; WFK2800GB/01; WFK2800GB/11; WFK2800GB/12; WFK2801GB/01; WFK4000/01; WFK4000/02; WFK4000/03; WFK4000/04; WFK4010/01; WFK4010/02; WFK4010/03; WFK5000/00; WFK5000/01; WFK5000/02; WFK5000/03; WFK5010/01; WFK5010/02; WFK5010/03; WFK5010/04; WFK5300/01; WFK5300/02; WFK5300/03; WFK5300/04; WFK5310/08; WFK5510/02; WFK5510/03; WFK5510/04; WFK5600/01; WFK5600/02; WFK6000/01; WFK6000/02; WFK6000/03; WFK6000/04; WFK6010/01; WFK6010GB/02; WFK6010GB/03; WFK6010GB/06; WFK6010GB/08; WFK6410GB/01; WFK6410GB/02; WFK6600/01; WFK6600/02; WFK6620/08; WFK7030/01; WFK7030/04; WFK7310/01; WFK7310/06; WFK7310/08; WFK7310/12; WFK7310/14; WFK7330/01; WFK7410GB/01; WFK7410GB/06; WFK7410GB/08; WFK7410GB/12; WFK7430GB/01; WFK7430GB/04; WFK7710/06; WFK7710/08; WFK7710/12; WFK7710/14; WFK8010GB/08; WFK8010GB/12; WFK8010GB/14; WFK8030/01; WFK8030/04; WFP3200GB/11; WFP3200GB/12; WFP3201GB/01; WFP3300GB/01; WFS2030/01; WFS2030/02; WFS2030/07; WFS4010GB/01; WFS4030GB/01; WFS4030GB/02; WFS4030GB/07; WFS4310/01; WFS4330/01; WFS4330/02; WFS4330/07; WFS5330/01; WFS5330/02; WFS5330/07; WFS7000/01; WFS7000/02; WFS7000/03; WFS8000/01; WFS8000/02; WFS8000/03; WFS8300/01; WFS8300/02; WFS8300/03; WFS8300/06; WFS9310/01; WFS9310/06; WFS9310/08; WFS9311/08; WFT2800GB/01; WFT2800GB/11; WFT2800GB/12; WFT2800GB/13; WFT2806GB/13; WFT7010GB/01; WFT7010GB/08; WFT7410GB/07; WFT7410GB/08; WFT7420GB/07; WFT7420GB/08; WFT8010GB/01; WFT8030GB/01; WFT8030GB/02; WFT8410GB/01; WFT8420GB/01; WFT8430GB/01; WFT8430GB/02; WFT8440GB/01; WFT8440GB/0
GENUINE BOSCH Washing Machine Drum Bearing & Seal Kit 086309 Features :

  • Genuine replacement drum bearing & seal kit for your Bosch washing machine.
  • Please be aware that all electrical items, eg pumps, are European voltage 220-240v not US voltage.
  • Manufacturer's Code - 086309

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